Monday, May 04, 2009

ando and friends

Have you ever met someone and thought damn, we should have been friends years ago?

We hung out with the Davis family yesterday. Lucky us. They have an amazing beach house with an ocean view. When we walked up to their home all the doors were wide open and the ocean breeze was billowing the cotton drapes. We knocked on the door frame.

Their son, Noah, is about the same age as Thom. The boys spent the afternoon battling the plants in the yard with light sabers and giggling in the playroom. Thom asked me twenty times last night if I would please call Noah's mom and see when he can play again.

Ashley is a tiny little elf of a girl, but evidently she can really shred the waves. (I don't really speak surfer lingo so don't try that phrase out on your friends.) She also sews up a storm in her studio up stairs. She is reusing old clothing items to make funky handbags and pillows. She also has a passion for building furniture. I have been coveting the low red bench she made for her front porch ever since I laid eyes on it.

Andy is the fine artist of the family. He has worked for Toes on the Nose, Roxy and most recently, Patagonia. His style is free and hip and everything I want my art to be. He is modest and understated and a real family man at heart. Andy owns a clothing company called Ando and Friends. They have a slew of rockin' t-shirts and other sundries.

If only I was as cool as Andy and Ashley.

Does being friends with them kind of make me cool by association?

I was allowed to wander around their amazing home, snapping photos at will. Here's the result of yesterday's camera fun.

And you gotta check out Ando and Friends.

I am waiting with baited breath for their children's line to come out. My kids will be sporting some Ando attire.

"My kids". Plural. I like the sound of that don't you?


emily said...

I cannot imagine living like that. It would be heavenly, wouldn't it?!

FitToSeeJane said...

Thanks for posting this. It's always fun to bask in the creativity. Your pictures were gorgeous too.

Elizabeth said...

I'm feeling some serious lifestyle envy.

annie said...

Very cool. I'm liking it.