Sunday, May 31, 2009

hey fever

I think, because you are here, reading this little ol' blog post of mine, you must be wondering what a girl like me is up to these days.

I'll tell ya.

I'm sitting on my over-sized sofa holding my bundle of joy. That's all. Oh, and sometimes I get up to get the boy something to eat. But not very often.

There is nothing like being home. Finally, home.

Before we left Utah, my Dad forced me off his sofa and into the great outdoors. I was reluctant to leave my little Birdie behind in my mother's care. But my father insisted. It would only be for a couple of hours. He promised.

We took a little nature hike into the foothills.

The boy, having his father's sensitive genes, developed a raging case of hay fever. His left eye turned red and puffy and incredibly weepy. Always an opportunist, my son decided that what he desperately needed was an eye patch. You see, not only is Thom suffering from hay fever, he is also suffering from hey fever, as in "hey guys, what about me?"

Since this was the only manifestation of his desperation to reclaim his spot in the lime light, I decided to acquiesce. If an eye patch was going to smooth his transition to older brother, well, by damn, I was going to get the kid a patch.

Sugar Daddy took the boy to look for a patch that would meet his needs. They came home with a video game. It seems that video games can also cure hey fever.

I can hang with that. Eye patches can be a little scratchy anyway.

So Thom is playing his video game. Sugar Daddy is ordering in pizzas. And I'm playing with Amelie.

That's what a girl like me is up to these days.

first bubble bath


Jill said...

I love this post! I can completely picture you there at home, with your boys and your precious birdie! I can't wait to get my hands on her and love her like a good auntie should.

Give her and Thom a kiss for me! Again, congrats and we love you!

Lynne said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!! Congratulations on her safe arrival :)

Amy said...

Yeah! I am glad you made it home. She is so dang cute... I love the bubble bath pic!

Corinne said...

Hi April, glad to hear all is going so well....contentment is such a good thing!

btw, thanks for the t-shirt, i've sent it onto my sister who is more of a california-medium than I am (oh well)....thanks for finding the time to post for us out here...

Jennifer said...

I guarantee, barring brain injury resulting in permanent amnesia, you won't ever forget. And if you think someday that the memories seem so far off, just hold another new baby and it will come flooding back. I can't wait for that fresh from Heaven new baby smell to be back in our home again!

FitToSeeJane said...

You must be very busy. I'm glad you take the time to post. It makes my day even sweeter.

Michelle said...

What a lovely photos!