Sunday, May 03, 2009

the mabel tour

Gladiolus sprouts by the garden hose.

Some of you, most loyal of readers, may remember this post from last year. If you are new around here, take a minute and click over and read it. You need to be in the know for this.

I decided that although my garden has yet to burst into full bloom, it is high time for another Mabel Campbell tour. Humor me folks, I'm hanging on by a very thin thread these days with the Earth's revolution slowing down and all.

I need these little things to keep me from eating obsessively and twitching.


Without much ado, I give you my garden in May.

Here we have my tootsies nestled next to some of my most favorite of flowers that I can't for the life of me remember the name. A lady once rung my bell and asked me what they were and I had to send her away without any information. I'm quite sure she thought I was being rude and not giving out the name like some old prune and her recipes.

The climbing roses are just starting their fireworks show that unfortunately only lasts a month or so, but happens three time a year.

The Hollyhocks are almost eight feet high by my estimation, and blooming like there is no tomorrow. I dream of buying an old corn field and planting it with row upon row of hollyhocks for the mere purpose of running through them.
And the succulents. They have been commandeered by tiny spiders, but for some reason, I don't mind a bit.

This little ball of popcorn is the very first hydrangea to burst forth. I have ten hydrangea plants sprinkled around the yard, and I'm looking forward to hydrangea arrangements in my kitchen all Summer long.

Last but not least, there is this happy little plant that has yet to show its brilliance. It is covered with red blooms and the dahlias around the bottom will be happy little colors of pink, yellow and peach.

So there you have it. You've survived another Mabel Campbell tour. I'm quite sure she is up in heaven smiling down on me and trying to channel good garden vibes.

Two weeks from today we will be in the hospital getting ready to welcome Amelie to the world. I'm worried about my plants while I am gone. Sugar Daddy will be home part of the time, but the guy never remembers to water my plants. I am worried about Finnigan and Thom missing school and my jewelry business and people starving in China.

I need a chill pill. What I really need is a good massage and two weeks to pass.

I'm pretty sure these things will happen. But just in case the Earth comes to a complete stop, pray for me.


Splendid Things said...

Your garden is beautiful. Wish my thumb was as green as yours. :) We can't wait to meet Amelie.

RitterB's said...

Faith takes on a whole new twist when you walk the path of adoption. We have walked a path ending in sadness and one in PURE joy. We are walking again a path paved with a hopeful future. Enjoy your walk. Hand your worries and fears to Our Heavenly Father. He is willing to carry them if we just ask. Take a deep breath and relish the sweet fragrant garden you have cared for.

vala.... said...

ahhh wouldnt mind a hollyhocks run myself...beautiful post and i love the little hat....soon soon soon

Jasmine Bailey-Barfuss said...

oh so many flowers already!! We have only the tulips here in Utah!! I can't wait for the rest!
I love your flowers!