Saturday, October 03, 2009

la petit sabatour

If Birdie had it her way I would:

  • never work out and remain nice and plump and cuddly
  • never do house work
  • stop going to church
  • give up all arts and crafts
  • give up personal hygiene
  • bounce her until my arms fell off
  • wear my hair down every day for her pulling pleasure
  • talk like Minny Mouse all the time
  • never carry on a conversation with anyone
  • never sit down
It's hard to be a responsible, sane, productive human being with a little one around. I may just become a bag lady.


Niki :-) said...

I hear ya. With 4 kids it's tiring sometimes. But you need to have that time for YOU. :) Very cute pic, btw.

Shelly and Todd said...

Oh good gracious, I totally agree with all that.

Laura said...

sit down? as in SIT? Down?? What ever does that even mean????

Rebecca said...

I think you just defined motherhood!! I never understood why my mom didn't go do something outside of the house after we were all grown up. But now I realize she did, she got pedicures, massages, lunch dates, hair appts. etc. I can't wait!!!

Rhandi said...

Ha! I love the way you describe emotions and write April. You just summed up my life on a daily basis, good thing I don't give in to all those requests on most days! Bag ladies aren't so bad, right??