Monday, October 05, 2009


On Thursday evening Thom came bouncing into the kitchen to show me the pocket knife that his father had given him to use for the weekend.

A pocket knife.

He's six.

At that point I decided to pray fervently that they would survive and leave it in the Lord's hands.

The boys left on Friday to search out Butch Cassidy's hidden treasure. They drove eight hours to Escalante National Park where they met up with two outlaws named Papa and Uncle David, got some lunch and then headed out into the wild.

On Saturday, Rosie, Birdie and I went for cupcakes.

Just outside the door of my favorite Bakery, one can find this fabulous old piano and violin, languishing in the flora.

Aren't they just simply romantic?

Rosie ordered up a strawberry kiss cupcake and I had chocolate toffee. We split a "mustachio" which is a pistachio cupcake with a chocolate moustache.

For my one sweet of the week, it wasn't too shabby.

The boys got home safe and sound with no sizable wounds to speak of. They found the treasure. Pictures to follow.

For now I give you a gratuitous photo of my beautiful baby girl looking oh sooooo sweet in her new Tea tunic.


Anonymous said...

What a super cool place to get cupcakes..They sound so so yummy..Amelie is just a doll.....I have four gorgeous girls 18, 16, 14,and 10.I miss those days when they were that little..Enjoy every minute..Hugs,Carlyn.

Anonymous said...

A boy, on a camping trip, without a pocket knife, is an abomination. If you want to stay sane, don't even ask about the campfire antics.

Lara said...

That piano is indeed romantic looking and oh so cool!

Loved your pictures.

Hope your son survived the pocket knife! :)

Molly P said...

Love the piano at the cupcake place, very romantic! And your baby is too cute for words! I love that she is so little and cute! Have a great Thursday!
~Molly P