Thursday, August 20, 2009

*******breaking news*******

Just yesterday a very valuable map surfaced and was acquired by one small boy by the name of Thomas Meeker. The map is over one hundred years old and although it can't be known for sure, experts think that it is the very map said to have been hand drawn by non other than Butch Cassidy.

The map was given to Thomas Meeker by his father who declined to speak as to the map's origin.

Included with the map was a brittle old photograph of the Wild Bunch which includes, the Sundance Kid, Tall Texan, Butch Cassidy, News Carver and Kid Curry.

Thomas and his father have tentative plans to visit Escalante, Utah next month on an expedition to the Hole in the Rock area where the Wild Bunch was known to have a hideout. There has been much speculation as to what treasures the map might reveal.

In the meantime, the map is being kept safe and sound in Thomas's cigar box where all his other valuables are stored.

The National Geographic Society has been in contact with the Meeker's, but they have declined any offer to sell or reproduce this incredible find.

However, if the price is right, a certain unnamed inside source would be open to negoitations to help fund her fashion addiction.


365 Letters said...

What fun! We're expecting letters from the fairies at our house tonight. Anna wrote some letters to a couple of fairies earlier this week, and I have a feeling they may write back tonight.

Apryl said...

love the boba fett pez dispenser...I think we have 1 of those!

akjeepgirl said...

That has to be one of the neatest ideas! My daughter is 8 and loves this sort of thing. The "unnamed inside source" had me cracking up!