Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the sentry

It was jealousy at first sight.

What, prey tell, was this person doing, coming into our house, stinking it up? And the noise! Oh the ear splitting noise! In the middle of the night for Pete's sake.

How could everyone be paying so much attention to this miniature person? She has no hair! And there I was with locks and locks of soft curly hair. And look at my eyes. Couldn't they see how sad I was? How forlorn?

Little by little things have changed. It may be defeat, however, we think it's much closer to acceptance.

He tries to lick her downy head, ever so slyly so as not to be detected. Just one lick as he passes by.

And he has become the nap centurion. Maybe it's the soothing Baby Einstein music that keeps him there, but we like to think that he has finally fallen in love.


sheri said...

i love your interpretation of finnigan's obvious contentment...you msde me giggle:)

sheri said...

oops!...i made a spelling error; sorry i'll fix that now...'made'
p.s. i love to leave comments as much as you like to get them

Jessica C. said...

OMG! I love this! My daughter is a week older than your wee one, so I know what you are going through. It took our cat three months to come near Anna, and now I can't rock her without him being on the other arm, he's as close to her crib as he can get to it without being in there with her, he sleeps under her swing, in the little basket under her stroller seat, etc. Have to love animals and their new "babies."

Anne Thompson said...

Awe, sooo sweet! It took our malti-poo a few months to warm up to our newborns : ) They always come around!