Friday, August 21, 2009

fancy pants

Last night after Sugar Daddy came home and rescued me from the two screaming mimis, I carved this stamp.

Is it perfect?

Exactly who's blog is it that you think you're reading? Get real sister. I don't do anything perfect. And I like it that way. Or I like to say I like it that way because it makes me feel better about myself and things in general.

So no. It's not perfect.

But is it fancy?

Hell yes.

It's a fancy pants monogram stamp that I'm going to use to make some fancy pants cards.

Cuz' I'm just that fancy.


Happy Friday.


ladyheidibug said...

I think you have had one too many Diet Cokes today....Fancy Pants °Ü°

Lora said...

pretty... i don't like perfect either.

stacy di said...

perfectly imperfect...and ever so fancy. love it.

Apryl said...

I love your (as Stacy Di so 'perfectly' stated) perfectly imperfect fancy pant stamp!