Tuesday, August 11, 2009


You cook. You clean. You fold laundry and pull weeds. You put the same plates in the dishwasher day after day.

And do you get satisfaction from all this?

I don't.

But I know a little secret. One of the easiest ways for a domestic engineer to acquire the satisfaction that so alludes us is to can.

Jams and Jellies are the easiest.

Yesterday I finally got around to making my pomegranate jelly from the fruit that I juiced and froze last fall.

It had been nagging at me. Every time I open the freezer there it was peeking out underneath the frozen chicken breasts. It would say to me, "Helloooo? Are you going to do anything with me or what?"

And folks, I don't need that monkey on my back. I've already got two, as in kid monkeys, not addictions. Although I have my fair share of those too. Nothing serious. Don't send the cops.

I tell ya, there is soooo much satisfaction in looking at those deep crimson jars sitting on my counter like precious gems. And they are precious. I get a ton a mileage out of divvying this jelly out to friends who crave it's sweet tartness on their morning toast. You know who you are, you jelly fiends, you!

Oh, and I couldn't help myself, I had to carve a stamp for the tops of the jars. I make this jelly every year, and every year I write on the top "Pomegranate Jelly". Blah. How boring. A stamp is much better, don't you think?

The jelly is done. I don't have to do it again tomorrow.

The next crop of pomegranates will be ready to pick in October, but I'm pretending that's a long way off.


Natalie* said...

i had that exact same thought regarding the dishwasher today as i unloaded it THREE TIMES today. i need to get me some jams and jellies going, i can see.

jojo said...

The first thing you ever gave me was a jar of jam and I knew we'd be pals. I gave up on dishwashers after the second kid. It was taking more effort than washing by hand and so I have reverted back to the way our Mothers and GrandMothers did it...in a sexy apron now- thanks to Jenny. Won't be hanging the washing on the line any time soon though, ( and Mum used to run out there in the rain to grab it and our knickers were frozen..) but do love tiny orange carmengia VWs, flowery linen table cloths(with 2 babies- laughing at me) and all other lovely things that stick their fingers up in the name of efficiency and say " you plonkers".

milk and cookeez said...

I LOVE your labels-they are beautiful! Also, where did you get your jelly jars. I will be making concord grape jelly (for the 1st time) in a few weeks and I adore those jars. I can only find bigger ones and thin small ones.

missbmckay said...

blackberries grow wild here, and i'll be doing the same thing. it is such satisfaction to have a project finished. the mundane things seem a little sweeter!

Kari said...

A-men, sister friend. Craig has never understood that. But canning (and for me it's peachies in the fall) makes me feel very homemakey and chef-like and good-mothery and autumn-ish AND it's something I can cross off my list and call done. I leave mine on the counter for days, just to stare at, and admire (they are sooo pretty) and have random visitors comment on so I can say, "oh, that--those are just the peaches that I canned, because I'm just that on top of things." And heaven knows there are very few things that you can do that with.

PS How do I become one of your pomegranate jelly fiend friends?

Jessica C. said...

I'm with you there. I've been canning harvested crops since July 4th of this year. We've already canned corn, green beans, okra, tomatoes, grape jelly, grape juice, and beets. Peaches start coming off here soon, along with a LOT of other crops, so the freezer and pantry will be teeming with yummy goodness before November is over. :o)