Thursday, August 27, 2009

lest you forget

I was thinking it is high time to remind all you loverly people that I make jewelry. Which is for sale. On Etsy.

Lest you forget that your purchases fund my rock and roll life style which these days has become a little more, well, hillbilly, I thought I'd remind you.

And I thought a little giveaway would help you remember.

So I made some stuff to give away on this here blog. See! I'm even talkin' hillbilly these days.

Save me from myself. Please.

Spot was always my favorite. Dick was, well, with a name like that, what do you expect. And Jane? She was a little trite for my liking.

But Spot- now that's a dog.

So I made some Spot stuff.

I will be picking a winner for the cuff bracelet and the hair piece, which doubles as a brooch, which triples as a super cute waist band flourish, on Monday. Leave one comment and tell me which item tickles your fancy and cross your fingers.

The cuff is on the small side so if you are big boned (and by that I don't mean fat) you may want to opt for the hair piece.

Good Luck!


bethtrue said...

Hard to type with crossed fingers :-) but i love everything on your site; you do beautiful work. what particularly struck me were the Lady Gouldian Earrings - love that color combination and those would fit in well with my wardrobe. :-) Thanks for the opportunity to win.

ChelMo said...
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ChelMo said...

I'm small-boned, but I think I like the hair piece/broach/flourish.

And thanks for the obvious link. Very helpful! ;-)

Rae said...

I think they're all adorable. Spot was always such a good solid doh. The hair peice is adorable- I know exactly the dress I'd wear it with

DomestiKatie. said...

oo de lolly, i love that hairpiece!! please oh please, let it be mine!
i can't wait to wear it with my new red pumps. :)

From the Kitchen said...

As I sit home nursing my sweet dalmatian, Argos, back to health from recent surgery, I am drawn to your "spots". I love the cuff bracelet! I love the spots--well, obviously. Why else would I be playing nursemaid to a sweet spotted dog? And please, check out my blog: From the Writer's Kitchen. There just might be a photograph of the spotted patient soon.

Rhonna Farrer said...

how DO You do it?
everything you touch turns to gold.
these pieces are TO DIE FOR!!!!

Tara said...

I love Spot too! Your stuff is adorable! You are so incredibly talented!

margie said...

pick me pick me...
ps i'm Large boned...

olYviaanne said...

I absolutely love the hair piece/brooch/both. Long live Spot!

Your photography is really lovely!

Crossing my fingers! (oh, if the crossing of the fingers works: heres my Etsy shop address: contact through that!)

In truth, I really like your blog! Added to favorites!

lilylunagardener said...

Love your creations & your sense of humor! I'd love the hair piece/brooch/waist embellishment! Keeping those fingers crossed!

Noble Beeyotch said...

I am loving the cuff....gorg!

Laura said...

I love Dick. But my daughter loves Spot.
When it comes to blog give aways, I never win dick.
But maybe...maybe this time I will be spot on.

Elizabeth said...

I've already won the rings from you, so I'm not entering. But I did just go to your etsy store and order something -- yay!