Tuesday, September 28, 2010

greetings from my universe

The concert and benefit dinner has taken on a life all it's own. Dare I say it's coming together "organically"?  Oh I'm so clever. The theme is woodland.

Anyway, things are really underway.  My dining room table is command central. Sugar Daddy is a dear sweet man for putting up with all my mess, amongst other reasons.  He just shakes his head and says, "Where do you come up with this stuff?"  I think I really baffle him sometimes. Oh well, that adds to the spice of our life wouldn't you say?

I could try to explain to him just how my mind grasps onto ideas and turns them into something similar or not similar at all.  I could try to describe my creative process, but I fear it would be for naught.  He lives in an entirely different universe with depositions and briefs and evidence.  We both spend a lot of time with paper. The difference is I cut the paper up into to bits and rearrange it.

But here's my best go. This is how I create:

I start with gathering inspiration:

In this case I created a virtual style board from photos I found on the web, some of my own and some sent from friends.

Then I stew and brood until some ideas creep into the corners of my mind.

Then I begin. Usually with paper, fabric, metal, clay or paint.  And I see where it takes me.

Dearest Sugar Daddy,

I fear you will never understand me or the things I do. I know you think me compulsive and at times, harried and driven to distraction, and in this you are correct. But I know you love me the way I am. I'm so glad the edges of our universes touch to create this wonderful, crazy family of ours.

P.S. Did I mention Mindy Gledhill is coming? Have I mentioned that? She is. Mindy is coming to sing in my backyard. She's coming. I can't believe it.


abode said...

O, you exquisite, lovely mind!! So alike, we are.

Elizabeth said...

Wow. I wish for a day in your universe.

Julie M. said...

Oh, please tell me it's not too late for an invite. I am the one who re-found and passed along your blog info to my sister who contacted you (too late) about her son's friend. (Does this make sense at all?) And now I'm hoping I'm not too late again. My email address is mark111 at juno.com

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

LOVE it :) So creative!!! I didn't realize you were from Carlsbad! My family lives near San Diego. LOVE that part of Cali.

Sharon said...

Oh how lucky you are! She is my new favorite artist! Love the song "Anchor" :)

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Those invites are so, so pretty!

Erika said...

You got me hooked on Mindy--sounds like you're planning an exceptional night! Good luck with it all and I'm hoping you post some pictures. Ü