Wednesday, September 15, 2010

heart of india

And now, as promised, I give you the
Secondsister Winter Collection 2010:
The Heart of India

If you see something you would like to purchase, please go to my Flickr page and find the item you would like. It will have a number. Email me and let me know which piece you want. I will respond as fast as possible and let you know the price.

I will start loading my Winter Collection into the shop on Thursday. If you want something reserved, please let me know by then or who knows, I might get lucky and everything will fly out of the shop within a few days.


Rhonna Farrer said...

oooo, april...this is deeeeevine!
you are so dang talented!

Rachel said...

wow, I will gladly take one of everything. oh, wait, that blasted stay-at-home-mommy jewelry budget. Guess I will settle with drooling on my keyboard and making out my list for Santa! Seriously...I look at the gorgeous pieces of art you create and then knowing you have 3 kidies (2 BABIES!!) and I am seriously out of excuses for myself. You have inspired me!

Molly said...

Stunning! Just simply stunning! I wish I could get my clay pieces to look that fabulous!It is clay right? You are so talented April! And I just saw your scollars and are in *love*! Wish I could have gone to Spark this year, y'all need to come Spark over on the east coast, let's say in North Carolina and in a teeny tiny country, farm loving town named Timberlake! Happy day friend!
~Molly P