Thursday, September 16, 2010

gimme a scollar hollar

1. white chenielle scollar, 2. Aqua cordoroy scollar, 3. chocolate wool scollar, 4. Black chenielle scollar, 5. Printed Linen scollar, 6. Teal chenielle scollar, 7. black and white chenielle, 8. Moss chenielle scollar, 9. Chocolate and grey scollar

Okay girlies, and some husbands. (I learned this last weekend that some husbands read my blog.  It makes me oh so happy and a little embarrassed at the same time. I mean, I've talked about my boobs and everything.  Sheesh.)

Here is what I have to sale by way of scollars.  Some of my favorite pieces sold and I plan to remake them in all my spare time. But until then, there are some great pieces left to buy.  They vary in price depending on what I used. Some have vintage brooches and silk, others have cashmere. They start at $35 and go up.

If you want one, first off please know you are a fashion forward individual. Kudos for your good taste.  After you blow a few French air kisses to yourself, shoot me an email and let me know the piece you would like and I'll send you the price and reserve it for you if you decide to buy.

I'm seriously so excited about my scollars. They look so cute worn with a sweater or over a coat.  They are just chic. Plain and simple. And wouldn't you just agree?

Here's to fabulous Fall fashion! I can't get enough of it.


clare b said...

These are truly divine! I love them all.

Heidi said...

I love them all! I was lucky enough to snap up the blue one with red cherries at Spark. Can't wait for it to be cool enough to wear it!

Jen said...

yes please - I emailed you!

Jasmine Bailey-Barfuss said...

So unbelievably delicious :) :)
Hey April, I finished my lovely mod podge canvas from your class!
Thanks for being a great teacher xox