Tuesday, September 14, 2010

i do, over and over again

I can't remember where I got this photo, but I do remember reading that it was a wedding dress and the bride crocheted it herself.  Isn't is amazing?  It steals my breath away and wish I could get married again and wear one just like it.

Which I would do a million times over if I believed in it.  I'm one who tries to live up to my wedding vows everyday, hoping they won't fad over time.  The original promises I made are graffitied all over my heart.

I married Sugar Daddy sixteen years ago.  We were young and stupid and crazy in love.  Most of all, we were blessed to find each other. I'd say it was dumb luck but I know better.

I've had my struggles in life.  I've been down and out and so poor I had to eat canned pineapple for an entire week until the pay check came.  I've seen some sadness and weathered some storms.  I have some scars.

But. Here's where I'm so very very blessed: I've never not been absolutely head over heels in love with my husband.  It's an amazing gift. I stand all amazed most days at my good fortune to have married the very person I would choose every time to be in the fox hole with, no matter the battle.

Oh sure we have our fights and disagreements.  He wishes I wasn't directionally challenged. I take issue with sweaty running clothes dropped on the floor and stinky yerba maté  cups in the sink.

We needle each other out of spite or boredom. We mutter sarcastic remarks under our breath.  We play ro-sham-bo over diaper changes and bedtime chores.  We both think the other has a poor memory.

But at the end of the day, even if I'm irritated and out of sorts with him, I want to cuddle up to my husband.  I want to smell his neck and put my hand on his cool cheek. I want to fall asleep with the comforting heft of him on my right side, listening to his deep bear breaths.

I'm crazy about Sugar Daddy. He's my Clark Kent. And there's not a thing known to man that can change that.

Lucky, lucky me.


Hollie said...

sweet post. i feel the same about my husband!

Rebecka said...

You've melted me into a puddle right here on the floor. How blessed are you!

I. love. that. dress.
I've seen crocheted wedding gowns before and they always look clunky and dated. This one? perfection, confection.
I'm not getting married, and have no plans for that, but I want to make one right now.

From the Kitchen said...

Well said--and lovingly!


Rose D., NJ said...

How beautifully stated!!!!

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

How sweet!!!! I've been married almost 6 years and I feel the same way :) you are blessed and so is he!!! That dress is fab.

PaperPumpkin said...

Awwwwwww, so incredibly sweet and loving. I am so happy for you. Isn't it sad to think of so many people in this world never having crazy love? ♥

Leslie said...

happy anniversary, what a beautiful post! i posted that dress on my blog, but found it on mary ruffle. here's the link to my post, with links back to photos of the whole dress.

moreygirl said...

terrific post! I even got a little teary eyed. I feel the same way about mine:)

Erika said...

Very well said--makes me appreciate my husband even more today. I think I take him for granted sometimes. I'm going to send him a "love text" right now! Thanks.

Traci said...

you are one lucky girl!

michelle hill said...

i LOVE this post..it is how i feel about evan..:) :) ..thanx for sharing..
xo xo

kristinwithani said...

First saw that dress on Leslie's orginal post and haven't forgotten it. Stunning.

Mormon Mommy Blogs said...

This is a beautiful post and I adore that photo! I got married 16 years ago yesterday. How fun that we share the same anniversary week.

Happy Day to you!