Monday, September 19, 2011

sing, sing a song

This is Victor the Singing Penguin. 

I wanted to say a few words about singing.

The first words are: I suck.

Really. I'm not in the least bit a person who other people like to hear belt out a tune.

I know this. But folks. Come on! That does not mean it stops me from singing! Why would it?

And the Birdie girl, well, she's not much of a tunester either. But she sings. All. The. Time.


And I love it. Because it means she is like me.

Tonight, out of the blue, the Boy asked me what song it was that I used to sing to him when he was younger.

I have sang the same song to all my babies. "Sweet Baby James" by James Taylor.

Why? Who knows! I guess it might be because I know all the words. I also like the part that says, "deep greens and blue are the colors I use". And it's kinda westerny. And I'm kinda a westerny lovin girl.

So I can't sing. So what.

I'll tell you what I'm extra special good at. Making friends with crazy talented people. People who can sing and do other fun and inspiring things.

Like Mindy. She just released a single called "See the Good". You can listen to it and buy it here on iTunes.

Anyway, I just wanted to say, that even though I might be the worlds worst singer, my children still like to hear me sing James Taylor. Because I am their mother. Some mother's swaddle their babies so tight they can hardly breath. Other mothers put tourniquets with huge flowers attached to them around their babies heads. 

I choose to sing to mine. It's how they know I love them.

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Deb said...

God made the robin and the crow... and He loves to hear them both!