Thursday, September 01, 2011

eight is great or the miracle of tommy b.

Eight years ago today I was in the hospital in labor with my first son.

We had tried for years to conceive. We had given up. And then...

All children are a gift, but this kid, well, he was something else all together. He was a miracle.

The significance of this miracle child has never lost it's luster. Still, eight years later, I look at him and marvel.

Thomas was given his name after one of the disciples in the bible. Doubting Thomas. That is what I had become. Years of infertility had left me jaded and unbelieving. Bitter even.

Now I have a living reminder to keep the faith.

Here's some fun facts about Thom:

He has never in his entire eight years slept in.
He loves Doctor Who.
He has filled hundreds of pages of notebooks with his sketches.
He has a huge sweet tooth.
He's a guy's guy.
He will only wear shorts.
He loves his Converse.
He is not a cuddler.
He always remembers to say thank you.
He hates to make his bed.
He is a little afraid of heights.
He is not afraid of shots.
He has the exact same eye color as his dad.

Happy Birthday Mr. Bean. I love you. But you know that already.


I also wanted to mention that my good friend, the little sasspipe, Rhonna Farrer is launching her new website today.  I'm so excited for her. She creates the most whimsical and fun graphics to be used in digital art. I used some of her new elements in the above photo of Thom.

 Rhonna has undergone an entire life make over the past few months. She is running a marathon in just a few weeks and she has worked really hard to train for that. She is one of the most inspirational people I know and I wish her the very best of luck with her new website and also in the marathon.

You can see her new site here.


Julie said...

Happy Birthday, Thomas. We love you to bits!! oxo

laurie lariviere said...

That gorgeous boy looks just like his beautiful mom! Happy Birthday Thom, since you love sweets, I am sure you will eat plenty of cake :)

Rhonna Farrer said...

awww...happy birthday Thomas...LOVE that story, A! made me cry...thanks for the sweet words...YOU inspire ME!
love you!

Jill said...

Happy birthday Thomas! I still remember when your mom told me that she was pregnant with you. And she's right ... you ARE a miracle and we love you so much! We're sending lots of hugs and birthday wishes your way!

Love you!

"Aunt" Jill

the emily said...

So sweet. Hurray for miracle babies! Happy birthday to your boy.

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful son! And thanks for the link -- I'm off to check it out!