Wednesday, August 31, 2011

a handmade life

I believe in handmade. I believe that using your creativity to enrich the life around you can make you a happier person.  I believe that every person has the ability to hand make something. I believe that more people should buy handmade items even though they cost more.

Once you go handmade, it's awfully hard to go back to "made in China".  

Now. I can't cook a moist roast to save my life.  I guess I could, if I took the time to learn. But the interest isn't really there. And the Sugar Daddy is a great cooker of all things meat.

And I can't take a piece of wood and shape a surf board or build a book case. I could try, but, you know, again, the interest isn't there.

But I can draw. And I can embroider. And I can sew. (Assuming it is strait lines and I don't have to follow a pattern.)

So when the time came to sew pillows for my living room sofa, I knew I wanted to make them myself. And when I saw the price tags on the pillows I liked in home design shops, I really knew I wanted to do it myself. 

I've made seven pillows. It wasn't easy. I was actually sweating, actual sweat, sewing these pillows. I am working on the last one which I am embroidering. I am using all my handmade talents to make this pillow. I drew the monogram and the floral embellishments. I transferred my pattern onto my pillow fabric and I have begun to embroider it. When I'm done, I will sew it to the backing and put it on my couch and enjoy it for years.  It's just a pillow. But not really. It's much more.

Everybody can make something with their hands. Everybody can make something. And using your hands to create will help you find out who you really are and what you really love.

I promise.

Try it.

And then come tell my what you made.


WillowBean said...

Love this post!! I'm trying to live a more handmade kind of life... takes a bit more time, but SO rewarding in the end!!

Laurie said...

those are lovely pillows! can't wait to see the embroidered one, be sure to post it :)

Elizabeth said...

Those are gorgeous! I guess I would say that I will bake the most beautiful cake and cook pretty delicious food, but that's because it inspires me. I wish that I could sew and think about it from time to time, but when it comes down to it, I'm just not interested. That's why I rely on folks like you to make it for me! Despite the sweat, are you thinking about adding pillows to your etsy site? :)

Anonymous said...

OK so I just sat for almost an hour catching up on all the posts I've missed. It makes me miss you and the fun times we had. I so wish I could blog more like you...but unfortunately my interests lie elsewhere also. Anywhowho, I did handmake something recently. It was more functional than pleasing to the eye than yours. Pierce now has a new shopping cart cover, flames and all, to ride in. It was a necessity when John imparted his great knowledge of the insurmountable amount of germs (even specifing the types) on our everyday toliet seats...I mean shopping carts. I'm sure you can imagine how that went down.

Jacqueline said...

I love handmade, I think I can make anything I fancy too.....sewing, wood, cooking it doesn't matter. BUT cleaning my house, decorating it all nice???? argh its like pulling out my own fingernails!

We are all unique :)


Heather Toller said...

I have a pillow that my grandmother made for me. It is heart shaped yellow gingham and she embroidered my name on it with with white thread. It surrounded by beautiful white lace. It is one of my greatest treasures.

handmade is heartmade.

Oxana M said...

Oh, your post is so true! I adore hand-made things and I used to spend hours and hours sewing and knitting :) now I haven't got any time and I miss it:(
You've made a really hard work and these things are awersome!

Apryl said...

LOVE these pillows A-just the colors and patterns you put together. I have been needing/wanting exactly the right couch pillows for a very long time. Why don't I just make my own? I've begun my Christmas knitting...maybe the pillows will have to wait til after then...thanks for the inspiration.