Friday, August 05, 2011

forward ho!

Sometimes the magnitude of the life you are trying to live becomes a yoke around your shoulders.

Sometime you realize that the reason most people don't do the things you are trying to do is because they are smart enough to know that these things are damn hard.

Sometimes you want to put your fingers to your temples and just say, "Everybody just wait one minute. I don't think I can do all this. I want to do over."

And sometimes it's just too late to chicken out.

Today is one of those days. I'm flying home. Alone. With two babies and a boy and like three billion suitcases. One of which is full of crafty crap and it weighs as much as a small vechicle.

It is too late to chicken out. The tickets are purchased. All I can do is push forward and hope for the best.

And really patient passengers in surrounding isles.


mjatpc said...

YOU are amazing. Most people DO chicken out. For you, not an option. You choose the hard and you make an impact. BTW. . . Tiff and Les said they'd each take a suitcase and a baby. What time should we be at the airport?

Kiera said...

You'll do fine...
If anyone is mean to you or gives you that awful "What is that lady thinking?" look take a REALLY good mental picture of them... Because with all that crafty stuff you are hauling home you can make a voodoo doll of them and let the kids poke at them with pins.
Safe journey.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, my.