Tuesday, August 16, 2011

holding on

It is evening and the heat of the day has gone with the sunshine.

We have opened the windows to let in the cool night air and to listen to the crickets that have become part of the soundtrack of our daily life.

I can hear several night games taking place throughout our neighborhood. Children of various ages are running through the streets and across dewy lawns letting out shrieks of laughter as they go.

Every once in a while the low murmur of adult instruction breaks their joyful play. Their mothers are calling them. It is time to come in . It is getting late.

But the children are reluctant. They are holding on. Summer is slipping away. They are holding on to these last few days of carefree bliss. They are wise to what lies ahead and they are living in the moment.

I am reminded that children can be wise beyond their years.  Now is the time to savour. Now is the time to live in the moment, because tomorrow it shall be gone.


Elizabeth said...

Oh, for sure. I just walked out of my sons' room (aged 13 and 10)at midnight, and they are both up in a single bed together watching a movie on the iPad. I want to remonstrate that it's late and they need to go to sleep, but staying up late is part of the excitement of summer so I'll go to bed instead (I can't imagine being that excited about NOT sleeping!)

From the Kitchen said...

I did a post a few days ago about holding on to summer. My little boys are big boys now. One in California. One in Massachusetts. I wish they were here holding summer dear for a few more weeks.