Thursday, August 18, 2011


Sometimes I get lonesome for the Sugar Daddy. Even when we are together. 

And by together, I mean, padding around in the same house. Passing each other in the kitchen.

The Sugar Daddy likes to unwind his curly thoughts by watching strange old movies that usually have subtitles and orchestra music with lots of sharps. I do not share this affection. And so we are seldom together during those hours of the evening when we both mentally check out of life as we know it.

And sometimes I miss him. But not enough to endure a Korean war film circa 1956. Not even Junior Mints could get me through that.

I have a low rumbling in the nether reaches of my brain that is telling me that the two of us need to get away. We need to check out of life as we know it for a few days. Maybe a week.

We need to be together, together. For real. Not just in the same house.

It's so easy to drift away from each other. Especially in these stormy seas we are navigating. And the bottom line is that the Sugar Daddy is too good looking to watch from afar. 

I need him up close.


EntwinedEssentials said...

This made me smile. Actually, lots of your posts make me smile. Just thought I'd say so this time. =)

the emily said...

Me too, man. Me too. We moved to a tiny town in New Mexico in March and I haven't been super pleasant to live with since then. Our family is mostly in survival mode. Today is our 10th anniversary and next week we're taking the kids' to my sister's house and flying to Boston. He has to work during the days, but we'll have all night together, and I can't WAIT for the getaway. We've never done this since we had kids, and we really need it.

kellybarton said...

oh wow. i feel this deeply.
my husband is an athletic director
his job follows us everywhere.
there are moments, even when
he is home that the loneliness
runs deep.

K said...

I'm there, too. Wish it wasn't so lonely. Crossing my fingers that you get that needed together time.

Laurie LaRiviere said...

I know where you are coming from, my hubby has the same collection of weird old movies on the DVR that we watch together, but he's watching and I'm in la,la It's hard to get time alone when there's little one's around, hope you guys get your time away, we don't have anyone to watch the kids where we live, no family here, so it's always us and the kids, which is great, but a weekend away would be nice :)

Kristin said...

I will happily come watch the kids :)