Wednesday, August 03, 2011


I spend a fair amount of my life trying to be original. Trying to come up with fresh new ideas. Different things. Things not done before.

But lately, to be honest, I'm enjoying the over done and cliche'.  Summertime brings it out in me. There are things that must be done in the name of Summertime that may seem unimaginative and almost trite, but they make the season what it is.

Kitchy western photos from the amusement park- check.

I swear if I see one more photo for sale on Etsy of this ride I'll puke. But when you are standing there, underneath, in all it's wonderment, the compulsion to snap a photo is so great it cannot be overcome.

We are eating lots of frozen novelities. The one's that have been around since I was little. We are lazing in the hammock. We are schelping to the swimming pool with our Playmate cooler full of snacks and sodas. We are driving with the windows down to breath in the cool evening air.  We have been eating s'mores and cooking burgers on the grill.

We have been very busy with the business of having fun.  Which is what Summer should be about. All my creative juices are now going directly towards Spark. There's no need to come up with new things to do.

Our Summer time fun is tried and true.  Even if it is cliche'.

We are calling it tradition.


Elizabeth said...

I'm so with you on this -- and would add that it's always nice to talk about the perfect southern California weather.

patty said...

so very TRUE!