Tuesday, September 06, 2011

win win

The Sugar Daddy and I rented the movie "Win Win". We had really wanted to see it because it was written  and directed by one of our favorite screenwriters.

If you haven't seen it, I won't ruin it for you by telling the story. I'll just say it's about a family, well really just a man,  who is coping with all the stresses of daily life and not doing too well.  The children are needy and the bills are heavy. 

He eats a lot of ice cream late at night.

At a certain point in the movie, Sugar Daddy and I looked at each other and commented that it felt like we were watching our own life play out before us.  The guy in the movie is pretty bad off.  We aren't bad off. But the Sugar Daddy does like to drown his troubles in a bowl of Ben and Jerry's.

 It's the daily stress that we feel acutely. The kind of stress that can drive you to do crazy things if you don't manage it.

I love my husband. I love my children.  I love my life. The older I get, the more I realize that the American dream isn't cheap.  Every single thing you add into your life comes with a price.  

Szun Wu, Thom's beta fish died this week. I felt sad. For a fish. Everything has it's price. Szun Wu cost $3 and a couple days worth of grief.

To be fair, he was a magnificent beta in his heyday.

I've heard it said that no one would do anything if they knew exactly what they were getting themselves into.

If this is true, I hope I stay as naive as possible.  I have found that when all is said and done, things that require the most work, yield the best returns.

You know, like kids and husbands and houses and the like.


Laurie said...

oh how true!! would we all have gotten married if we knew how much work it really is too maintain a relationship? And the kids...well yes, I would still have the kids because I have those amazing heart bursting moments with my kids that outdo the tough times, and the hubby too, some days it's good and other's not so good. Thanks for letting us know that we all go through the same things, love your blog... :)

Ruth Kelly said...

Which pair of shoes are we walking in today; only time will tell. Each phase of life brings in a new set of joys and problems. Enjoy while you can.

PaperPumpkin said...

I've never heard that quote before, that no one would do anything if they knew what they were getting themselves into! Oh my gosh, how true!! The good stuff really is a lot of work, isn't it? As usual, I love your blog and your photos and posts! Enjoy your September! Kathy

Elizabeth said...

I thought "Win Win" was a perfect little movie in nearly every way.

Our Beta fish, "Spacefight Lemonade Cool Shark" died several years ago and his death actually prompted the beginning of my blog! It's my second ever post!

I love the simplicity of this post -- beautiful writing --

Jacqueline said...

Well said....as always :)

N3RDc@stBLOG said...

I love your posts like this that say "my life is good, by no means easy, but really very good."