Friday, May 16, 2008


I am officially addicted to hydrangeas and have been most of my adult life. I am up to ten plants in my yard. All of the above photos were taken at various spots around my garden except the top left hand photo. It was taken on Alcatraz Island of all places. I am going today to pick up two more plants. A girl can never have too many hydrangeas.

This is a digital piece of art I have been working on. I took a photo of my hanging fuchsia plant and played around with it. I think the end result looks like a photo from a 1960"s gardening book. I want to send it off to be printed on cotton paper.


And a little later in the morning. . .

I finished my post and set about my day. I was standing in my closet trying to pick out what to wear when a few things caught my eye. If you have seen the movie To Kill a Mockingbird or Amelie, you will recall that each movie has a box that is filled with a child's prized possessions. I did a blog a while back on my son's treasures. I am extremely interested in the things people keep in their bureau drawer. I think if you really want to know someone, you should ask to look through their valet tray. Here are a few things from Sugar Daddy's stash. The thing that stood out to me today is that the things he keeps in his drawer, don't represent who he really is, but more who he would like to be in another life.

A set of brass knuckles, a harmonica, a vintage Russian watch, a Blues CD, a pocket knife, Faconable cuff links I gave him for Christmas, a Zippo lighter, swim goggles and left over cash from his trip to Nicaragua.

So according to his valet drawer, I'm married to a member of the Russian mafia, who smokes, but takes pride in his appearance and listens to Blues. He may or may not have traveled to Nicaragua to do a hit.

Sounds just like the straight arrow attorney I know and love.


Anonymous said...

Hey me and Ben have the same pocket knife! That digital picture you made is sweet. You and all your hobbies, I love it. Hey do you like how I am leaving comments. I figured if I am going to read your blog everyday and live the California life through you right now, I might as well leave comments.

april said...

Dear Nat-

maren said...

hi april! i LOVE hydrangeas too...i really need to put some in my yard. love the digital art also..did you do it in photoshop or illustrator? i'm currently trying to learn those right now...i thnk i need to take a class! i'm not so great on my own.

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH! One of these days I have to post John's stash. He and Ben could go bowling!
It's pure, unbridled, covetous envy, those hydrangeas are to die! Next time we have a wedding I'm stopping at your house before I hit the flower mart.