Tuesday, May 20, 2008

rosarita and the three amigos

The story goes something like this. My brother dated Natalie (a.k.a. Rosarita refried beans girl) for some years. They did everything together, even mundane tasks like packing sack lunches and nail grooming. Essentially, they acted like a married couple, but for reasons unbeknownst to anyone, or at least anyone I know, they broke it off a couple months ago. While the two of them are for sure not dating anymore, our family has yet to break up with Natalie. It was all just a little too abrupt for our liking. We need time accept these types of things. We're tender that way.

I am starting to get used to the idea, but Natalie and I still talk on the phone and email occasionally. She called a few weeks ago and said that she was coming to town with some "friends" and could I recommend any good beaches? Well let me tell you, when I found out that the "friends" were three guys I developed the most irritating tick in my right eye. And of course, I had to be gracious and invite them to dinner, which I thought might be kind of uncomfortable considering the unabashed nasty looks I would be giving them, freaky ticking eye and all.

Well, they came. I have to say, I was expecting something a little more along the lines of my brother. See photo 1a.

Yes, I know my brother is hot and yes, that thought kind of grosses me out. No, I was not so lucky to inherit the same wonder genes.

This is what walked through my door.

Eric, Jake & Jeremy

They fought amongst themselves like brothers. They told dumb jokes and I think one of them peed without washing his hands before dinner. In short, they were hilarious.

They were asking every girl they could find who was the most attractive of the three. Was it Eric, the tall cerebral Indian? Maybe Jake, the most serious, and muscular of the three. Or was it Jeremy, with his all-American good looks and goofy antics? I wasn't quite sure how to answer this question. Maybe you will. Please vote on the poll to the right if you feel so inclined.

The story continues and involves a seedy motel by the Mexican border, indigestion via Vietnamese food and three smelly bodies sleeping in my living room. But for now I will just say that I found myself rather amused by the three amigos and was glad to have met them. It was great to see Rosarita for a few days, and I truly hope she can find love again, if not with my brother, then with one of her crazy friends. I have already paired her up with Jeremy in my mind.

Jeremy, Jake, Eric & Natalie

If you are interested in actually going on a date with any of the amigos, leave a comment, I'll see what I can do.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha I love it! It made me cry and then laugh all while at work. The boys will think it is great, expect the part about comparing them to Ryan. Oh and please remove the thought of me and Jeremy pairing up. That will NEVER happen. These boys are my girlfriends, dont tell them I said that they hate it. I tend to fall for anal, plant loving, big lipped, muscle guys who are obsesed with their 1998 Tacoma truck. If you find someone who fits this set me up!

Anonymous said...

This is Jeremy, and I have to let you, April, and anyone else who reads this that I won. 2 girls found me most attractive and no girls found Eric or Jake attractive at all! And that's funny, I'm paired up with Natalie in my mind too! Thanks a ton for having us. It was a blast and I got to pee in your nice back yard. But, unlike Jake, I did wash my hands after. I hope to see you again in the near or distant future. Love you,

Anonymous said...

This i Jake and i would like to say that yes i did wash my hands. I have exquisite hygeine. And jeremy isnt the most attractive, girls just feel the most sorry for him. But at least you got the most muscular one down right. which competeing against eric and jer isnt saying much. actually natalie probably wins us all. But thanks so much for letting us stay!

Anonymous said...

First off - Natalie April doesn't have to 'not' tell us anything, why? because we can read your post just fine. April & Ben thanks for showing us the CA side of life it was fun! It's nice we can forever be a part of your blog, even though someday we will be tucked away in the May 2008 tab. I'll have you know that I will visit it occasionally even if it's just to see how the poll is. Thanks again.