Thursday, May 01, 2008


Nothing can drive me to insanity faster than losing something. It's one of those things that enrages me mostly because I have no one else to blame. When I was little, I simply accused other family members of stealing to save myself some discomfort. I still occasionally try this tactic, with little success.

A while back, my brother bought me a couple Japanese prints. One was by Katsushika Hokusai, one of my all time favorite artists. I am especially taken with his piece called "The Great Wave".

I have hunted and hunted and hunted. I can't remember where I "safely stored" those prints. It has kept me awake at night. At 2:32 am last Tuesday night, my eyes popped open. I laid there with a sweaty back and listened to the chorus of deep breathing from Sugar Daddy and Fin. I mentally searched the house for the prints. I strained to think of new places I might not have checked. I got nothing.

The next morning I sat at my work bench still thinking of my missing prints. The Hokusai Wave earrings were born.

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