Thursday, May 15, 2008

the birds and the bees

We have this really great enclosed patio. When we were looking for a house to buy, the patio sold us on the house. Someday I'll give the Mabel Campbell tour of all my plants on the patio, but today's story isn't about plants.

A mother bird has taken up residence behind the curtains. So far, she has been a pretty good tenant. Her nest is very tight and tidy, she doesn't poop in the surrounding area and she has a very sweet little chirping song. Every morning she perches in the Japanese maple and sings and stretches her wings. She has, however, made it difficult for me to enjoy my patio. Every time I go out to sit on the couch and have a cold drink, I get majorly told off in bird talk.

This morning, curiosity got the best of us and Sugar Daddy got the camera and a mirror. I'm guessing they only hatched a day or so ago.

Yesterday was a work in the yard day for me. I put in several new plants (photos to follow in a few days). The beast and the boy love to follow me around as I work. Thomas is a good helper and Finn, well let's just say the neighbors got an earful.

The boy is OBSESSED with bugs, much to my chagrin. I think he has three or four bug jars going right now. How anyone can like an earwig is way beyond my comprehension. He is especially interested in bees. I have been warning him for weeks now not to mess with bees. I guess it's just one life's lessons, like hot stoves and baking chocolate, that a kid has to learn by himself. So yesterday, as I was easing my new mini rose tree into it's new space in the soil, I heard the tell tale blood curdling scream of a stung child.

Five minutes of tears and a Popsicle later, he was fine. It didn't even swell. It is something to be able to be a stay-at-home mom and experience all the little things that make up life in detail with my son. I feel blessed. Blessed to know that my son isn't deathly allergic to bee stings but more so because the birds and the bees we are dealing with today are just that- birds and bees.


Anonymous said...

She had babies! Man they are ugly little things. Just wait tell those little guys start churping. Your inside outside room is going to turn into a concert hall! We have wild ducks that live in our backyard and just yesterday the momma duck brought out her 5 little ducklings for me to feed. It was great. Oh the joys of spring!


i tried emailing you but it came back to me ... my jewelry came yesterday and I love it, but one of the bracelets has some stones that fell off ... what should i do ??

just let me know because i need it by the 23rd ...