Sunday, November 16, 2008

just the girls

Once a year, my group of really good friends undertake a project so big it rivals the filming of Titanic. All five of us arrange our lives to get together for Girl's Weekend. There are many obstacles to over come. Namely: scouts, soccer, piano, tutor, church groups, birthday parties, nursing schedules and bedtimes. We must butter up our hubbies and save up our pennies. All this before we even decide when and where to go. One thing's for sure though. Shopping will be involved.

This year everyone came to my house. The plan was to get up early on Saturday morning and hit the shops, but that plan went to hell in a hand basket when we stayed up talking until 2 am and didn't even eat breakfast until 10 the next morning. We ended up spending our time together eating and talking and laughing and diagnosing and eating and laughing and eating. We didn't shop at all. And you know what? It was great.

Thanks girls. Let's start planning for next year.
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Kroegers Calling said...

You guys are very lucky to have each other. Nothing gets you through life like good friends.