Sunday, November 23, 2008

we went sailing darling, then had a spot of lunch

We had a great little escape yesterday. We decided it was high time that Thom learned how to sail. And Ben too, for that matter. A survivorman needs to know these things.

So, when our good friends called with the idea of a day at sea, we were ready with bells on.

It sounds very glamorous to be sailing, but in fact, it was not. Our little boat only held four people. There wasn't even a table to set a glass of champagne or a round of brie. So I stayed ashore with Jo and we took a walk while the boys slowly tottered out of the harbor.

Jo is British and I love to listen to her talk. She makes everything sound civilized and polite. I feel fancy when I'm with her. Even when we are just drinking hot cocoa and watching people work on their boats. It feels very posh.

After their big adventure on the high (ahem, low) seas, the boys came in for some fish and chips.

After lunch, we said good-bye with kisses all around, British style. I won't have to wait long to feel fancy again. We will be spending Thanksgiving with this wonderful family. I'm planning a very proper meal with a English flare.

Cheerio for now, but don't forget to enter Friday's giveaway!


Amyesq said...

Kisses to Jo and family for me! Glad you had fun.

mine, by magpie said...

sounds like you guys had a very interesting day at sea. hahah! how fun, though!

stacy di said...

oh what I wouldn't do to live close enough to the ocean to go for a little sail. *sigh*

nice blog! I'll be adding yours to my list!

Michelle said...

sounds like the perfect day!

Kari said...

Such an elegant day. Sailing, accents, spots of lunch. I love the picture of the red tip--you've got such an eye for composition.

I've been trying to do it on my own, but it's time to admit I'm a moron--I don't know how to add your link on my blog. I would do it in a minute, but, I can't figure it out. Any chance of an installation for dummies?

jojo said...

sorry, we let you down there with the flashy boat. Next time we'll go in a proper boat made for normal sized folks.