Friday, November 21, 2008

the winners and so on

Okay- I'm running a bit behind these days. The winner of the magnet is comment #19, Fbartlett in Waco, Texas. Please contact me with your shipping info. The entries are now closed for the jewelry contest. I will be perusing your blogs and a winner will be announced on December 15th! Thanks to all who posted my logo.

Here's a little something I'd like to share.


Amy said...

Oh that video is awesome I think I may have to post that.

By the way thanks for the comment.

Soon, Then said...

Thanks for sharing this video! I appreciate the message of buying less and spending more time with one another. This year, we are actually doing that! We try every year, and tend to fail somewhat miserably and broke-ly. But as we speak, I'm cookin up some things to give this year!
And, thanks for popping by my blog!
Happy holidays to you.

julie said...

How do I find that video on U-Tube? It's awesome and I want to pass it on :)

annie said...

Okay, that video was awesome. Thanks for sharing! yay!