Monday, June 29, 2009

the airing of the grievances

It is said that in each marriage there is a seven year itch. There is also a lesser known six week ache with each new baby. I experienced it with Thomas. One morning I woke up with my shirt wet and stained with breast milk and I just started crying. Ben took that day off work. I went shopping.

I'm not experiencing it as intensely as I did the first time around but I find that this week the little things, the little nit picky, irritating things must stop.


Rosa, please stop putting the kitchen shears in every drawer other than the one in which they belong.

Mom, quit complaining that you wish you could see the kids and just get on a plane already.

Ben, Honey, I love ya. Quit leaving your snacks out. The cheese is crusty and the chips are stale. Seriously.

Tommy B., if Mommy steps on one more Lego in the middle of the night you might wake up to no more toys.

And Birdie, sweet little munchkin, enough with the spiting up. I can't get the smell of soy formula to leave my nostrils and the laundry is making me insane.

Finn, pee one more time when visitors come and you will lose more down there than you've already lost.

Having said all that, I feel a little better.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program.


Laura said...

You sound like you need some sister-hood, best-friend time. I think I have been where you are, although the adventure is a significantly different with the new baby, yet stress is real and needs some relief to better face the challenges that continue to down pour at times. At least for me, I enjoy being with friends who know and feel and who knows how to have some fun to escape for necessary brief moments.

Linz said...

What a great post that every woman/mom/girlfriend has felt! Love that you wrote it down and shared it with us! That was a great laugh for me that I will come back to when my next one arrives!

Anonymous said...

oh honey i so, so, so know what you are saying.
i admit it, i am laughing, but i am laughing with you, so very much with you and really the only person I am laughing at is ME!
Thank you for my laugh
you are just lovely

brooke said...

oh hun!!! while your list brings a grin i know far too well it i is not intended for my amusement...all those things have to add up to be beyond annoyance!!

i get A LOT of grief from other mothers about sending my gals away for the summer to be with grandparents, but the reason in your e-mail is why i do it...we don't live down the street or in the same town or even in the same stinkin time zone as grandparents and both the ladies and our parents so look forward to this time and so if for only once a year they leave me to get that special bond time in then so be it...i know your wee one is WAY to wee for that but maybe in the future...then at least mom could have her couple of summer weeks to look forward too and not get on you so much...and now stepping my way back out of your business and just becoming a spectator once again...


Laura said...

I just fell in love with you. Hooray for honesty!

Now, my kids are way older than 6 weeks, so what is my excuse for waking up miserable?????? My breasts did leak, though, and that is strange...

ok, no they didn't. I lie when I am unhappy.

Anyhoo..sounds like things are exactly how they should be...and if Rosa pisses you of anymore, send her to ME please!!! I dont care where she puts things, so long as someone puts something...anything...away for me!!!!!!!

Wow. Now I feel better.
Enjoy your day!

Julie said...

Oh! Can I do one??

Boys, quit picking the down feathers out of my fancy new apple green velvet pillows!! I really don't care if the feathers are poking you, those are darn pretty pillows!

That felt good :) Hope today is happier!

Amy said...

love it... I laughed hard!

Rebecca said...

Hang in there. My babies are 3 1/2 and almost 3. They grow up so fast. I wish I could go back for a day and hold them again when they were so little. Live in the moment and just try to enjoy, even the stinky spit up.

Anonymous said...

so good. had a good laugh.