Wednesday, June 17, 2009

momma nirvana

Thom takes his job as older brother very seriously. Every morning, after the kids are feed and bathed, you can find us here, in the rocking chair for Amelie's morning lessons. Thomas hasn't let us miss a day.

Thom starts out "reading" her ABC and color books to her, but we eventually end up with the books he likes me to read to him.

As you can see, much to Thom's dismay, Amelie doesn't take her morning lessons seriously at all.

Thom has been asking and asking for a chalk board to use for teaching such things as the solar system and how plants grow. I think I'll drive down to IKEA and see if they have one for him. He's also asked for a large bag of Skittles to teach her math. That one's a little suspect.

This is how I get my chores done.

I know, I know. But people, I didn't get to carry this pumpkin for nine months of her life. I'm making up for lost time.

And yes, I do wear flowers in my hair to do house work.


shellplusfour said...

Of course you wear flowers in your hair. I would expect nothing less of you April. =)

I held Becca constantly (knowing she was my last) and I rocked her to sleep every single night. She is fine. No worse, or better, then my others. But I am still grateful I took the time to enjoy that stage of motherhood.

It strengthened me for these teen years. ACK!

RitterB's said...

I am all over the peanut wrap! Mr. Noah spent many many hours in it. I loved having him so close to me! In fact.. I found my Hubster wearing it too! I suspect "Pinkie" will enjoy traveling in style also!

Terri Fisher said...

What happy days! Enjoy them for they are fleeting!

Amy said...

I wish I had been half as lovely when my daughter was that age...we were lucky to get me out of pajamas

forrestina vintage said...

sweet, sweet kidlets...both of them. bless the heart of big brothers who love their little sisters. :)

stacy di said...

I carried both my's a wonderful way to get your housework + do some serious bonding...but without the sweet flowers in my hair!