Wednesday, September 02, 2009

bogged blog

Here's a question for ya.

Why is it that when mothers of young children wear skirts, said children love to lift up the skirt and expose things that mother's seldom want exposed?

I was waiting for my burrito at Rubio's and watching a little girl slowly push her mother's dress up until an entire hip was exposed. The mother was paying for her food and didn't notice.

I, of course, got a good laugh at this, because, well, it is funny as long as it isn't happening to me.

It reminded me of the time I was paying for books and I felt a draft only to discover that Thom's head was against the small of my back and he was holding up my skirt for all the world to see.

Thank heaven it was a book store and most people's noses were buried in their books because, I guarantee, with the kind of underwear I wear- it wasn't a pretty sight. These saddle bags have a few oats in them.

Here's another question:

Why is it that sticky baby fingers always find the tender hair at the nape of your neck?

And this:

Why is it that the baby always spits up in the few seconds before you put on a dry bib?

To be honest, I'm totally bogged down in parenthood right now. Birdie was diagnosed with acid reflux and the boy has a ragging case of End of Summer Obnoxiousitis. For me this means there is a whole lot of crying going on at my house and quite frankly it has lead me to ask myself another question.

Why is it I don't drink?


Kiersten White said...

The same reason I don't: we would never, ever stop.

: )

Krissy said...

HA! The skirt lifting is one of my pet peeves. My kids do it all the time to me and I usually snap like a dry twig. That, of course, draws even more attention but I can't help it.
Even though I do partake in the drinky-drinks, my 'drug' of choice is Dark Chocolate. I have a few hits a day and that seems to take the edge off. That and hiding in my closet with the door shut and the lights off...

Jill said...

Once again you have provided me with a much needed laugh. Thank you my friend! Hang in there and know that I'm raising my glass of Diet Coke in honor of you!

the emily said...

Me and my best friend were just ruminating that last question ourselves last night--no joke. After one of those would just be so nice to have a stiff drink at the end of the day. It really would.

My boys LOVE to lift up my skirt. You should have seen them going crazy on Sunday when I put on tights--I guess they've never seen me wear tights--and they were rubbing my leg, trying to go all the way up--IN CHURCH, MIND YOU. Kids are weird.

Natalie* said...

on the skirt issue: it would be better for us if we wore the korean skirts the like of which you blogged about days ago - or those of the civil war era...i'm having flashs of the "getting to know you" scene from "the king and i" - our little offenders would have a time of it lifting those skirts!

best of luck with birdie's reflux - my own ethan (1 year next month!) suffered (and when i say suffered, i mean it) with it, too.

heck, i do drink - a good stiff dr pepper every afternoon about three. it's the only way i get through afternoons with three munchkins. i'll be thinking of you when i pop open tomorrow's heaven in a can.

Elizabeth said...

This made me laugh, especially your last line. I'm not much of a drinker myself --

Sorry to hear of the troubles at your house. Have you ever thought of taking the baby to an osteopath for the reflux? I took all three of my children to an osteopath from birth onward -- I highly recommend it. If you have any questions about it, email. I know of the best osteopaths in southern CA, too!

Nash said...

haaaaaaa! what a crack up!
i don't wear skirts,(except my long black one to church) since i'm not as thin as i want to be, and i am short, they just do NOT look good on me.
AND a new pair of G's are nice looking (i think). do you have the lycra with pretty trim? i know what you mean though.
hope the acid reflux gets better. my sister has had an awful time with her baby but now they don't think it's AR. she doesn't know what to do.

FitToSeeJane said...

Posts like this make me glad my kids are older.... For a minute, anyway.

Corinne said...

i laughed out loud at the skirt story, thank you for that. oh btw, i love your little lady on the sidebar, she's been updated :) hang in there, you're doing great!

FitToSeeJane said...

I need to add, My first threw up like that all the time. Our carpet was a mess. We ketpt spot cleaner on hand. We had to pay for things in stores that she spit up on!!!!
I remember hearing the splat splat as it hit the floor.
She will grow out of it..but probably not till she's walking and eating mostly solids. Buy a lot of carpet cleaner.