Thursday, September 03, 2009

I went to see Hans to get rid of my hag hair and to hear the gossip. Hans is a show in and of himself. He told me I need a staff.

Should I be offended by that?

He told me all kinds of juicy little tidbits about his ex-wife and about opening day at the Del Mar Race Track. He told me about all the different hats the women wore and the linen suits the men wore. He described what a mint julep tastes like.

I told him about the baby barf and described what it's like to eat your lunch while you water the plants and scoop the dog poop in the yard before the baby wakes up and the barfing starts anew.

That's when he said I need a staff.

People- my staff has arrived.

Rosie recently graduated with a degree in Human Performance and she fled the state of Utah for the balmy San Diego climate. She moved in with us until she finds a job and her own place. She is personal trainer, cook, childcare and girlfriend all wrapped into one.

She is my staff.

Do you think she would be offended if I introduced her as such?


Nash said...

i didn't realize you were close to poway. my inlaws live there. may be heading over this weekend.

DomestiKatie. said...

you hired a me!
(that's what i do for a living. i save mother's sanities. and personal lives. but mostly the sanity.)

except your staff is way more glamorous than i am.

Anonymous said...

i need a rosie!
lucky you april! :)