Sunday, September 28, 2008

the domestication of rosie

Rosie and my brother broke up six months ago. Rosie and I never broke up. We are still good friends. And we try not to talk to much about my brother, but it is hard. Ryan is larger than life.

Rosie is almost done with her college degree in human performance. She is one of the irritating skinny girls who never eat sugar and only drink water. She fully disapproves of my Redbull habit.

So Rosie is busy and unmarried and totally non-domestic. She claims she really is a good cook, she just doesn't- cook that is. Something about a delicious lasagna came up, but I'm yet to see her chef anything more than a turkey sandwich.

She claims she dislikes children, and yet she has been my live in nanny while she has been here. She and Thom caught 55 potato bugs and 11 snails. I think the whole "disliking children" is a rouse.

It was time to share my appreciation for domestic arts with my friend. And so we made an apron. She isn't quite sure when she will be able to wear it. She decided she would put it on when she gets someone in her family a glass of water.

On the agenda for tomorrow- how to barbecue lobster (lobster season started yesterday) and prepare artichokes with garlic butter dip.

I'll make a domestic goddess of her yet.

You have until tomorrow morning to put your name in for the drawings. Come one, come all!


kim* said...

live in nanny have one of those?

ex nanny right here.

demmi said...

I would love this apron