Wednesday, September 10, 2008

working girl

Here's a little sneak peak of what's to come.

I can't decide if I feel like a Christmas elf or a sweat shop worker. I have been camped at my work bench, feverishly knotting, twisting, designing and sweating. (Don't forget! September 15th, I will start listing the Fall collection in my shop. Come one, come all!) I can't wait for cooler weather- or a new indoor studio. Hummmm- not likely, better just bide my time and wait for Fall. Which could be a while. We don't see sweater weather until damn near December around here.

I am, however, having my own little Autumn season in my mind, living vicariously through the internet, the wonderful place that it is. I've been looking at all kinds of warm bundly clothes that are one hundred percent impractical for a girl like me to own. The photos for the new collection aren't helping any either. Just look at them! Don't you want to curl up with a warm cider and knit a little?

See this hunka, hunka burning love?

I've been a wee bit testy to him today. Sometimes I'd like to step out of myself and slap the back of my own head.


Amyesq said...

You are SO funny! It is Autumn in my mind too! I even put together a cornucopia for my dining room table.

And then the cats ate some of it and barfed on the mahogany floor. Don't tell Tim.

Traveling Bonbon said...

I love the earrings in this post. The one's above your hunka, hunka burning love :) Any chance they are still for sale?