Monday, September 29, 2008

going, going, gone

I woke up today to thunder. I am yet to see any rain, but I am hopeful. I think a little comfort food on a rainy day is just what the doctor ordered.

Rosie is headed home to her busy collage life. We always feel a little down when guests leave. The house gets a little quieter and we all look at each other as if we had just gotten bad news.

The winner of the Mountain Aven baby tee is comment #26, Kim of Circles are Forever. The winner of the Wendy Conrad stationary is comment #15, Cate of Sugarblossom Cate. Please contact me with your shipping information.


Cate said...

wow!! i am so excited! thanks April! :)

judi said...

Hi Second Sister,
I love your blog and your jewelry! I found you because you left a comment on Lily and Tulip blog right above my comment and I couldn't resist clicking on your cute little birdy picture. I think I'm spending way too much time doing this, can you tell? Anyhow I am in CA too, (San Franciso bay area) but it is not raining here so I am guessing you are way way up north?

Moxie said...

Comfort food always makes everything a little bit better.

please sir said...

Wow - amazing photos - missing the beach already!