Monday, September 15, 2008

drum roll please

The winner of the earrings is. . .

the nineteenth comment made by Fancy Nancy, who has a cute little blog about family life, my favorite kind. I used the random number picker to select my winner.

Okay, I will be doing another give away this Friday so tune in.

Today is the big launch of my Fall collection. I will be listing several new items every day.

I will also, another drum roll please, be marking down some of my pieces! Soooo, watch the store for new items and sale items.

In our house we like to play a little game called "If you could be anywhere today". Usually Sugar Daddy is doing some kind of nature thingy, with lots of hiking and sweating, because he's that kind of guy. I am usually in some sort of shopping environment with lots of extra cash rattling around in my new Orla Kiely handbag. But today, today I just want to be lounging on this bed with these pillows reading a really good book.

Well, I might still have the handbag, sitting close with my cell phone handy for anyone who might call to tell me how wonderful the Fall collection is.

Monday blahs? Here's a joke.

What did the bra say to the hat?

You go on a head, I'm gunna give these two a lift.


Leah said...

You have a gorgeous blog!

TheresaJ said...

Love your blog. Very entertaining.

inkOBSESSIONdesigns said...

Wow. Your stuff is amazing!

michvanetta said...

Love your blog posts, you've given me a laugh.
Gorgeous things too!