Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i think you need some new jewelry

I've been doing a little homework over the past couple of days. My art class is coming up this weekend and we were asked to find images to use in our college pieces. I, of course, am doing a Chinese theme. Surprise, surprise. I will be sure to post the results of my labors next week. However, if my pieces end up looking like a child made them, as I suspect they might, I'll post someone else's work, and just tell you I made it.

So as I have been wandering around the internet looking for inspiration, as I so love to do, I found this bedding.

Folks, let me tell you that the only thing that is holding me back from ordering this right now is the jaw dropping price tag. Just to give you an idea, see the darling little pillow in the first photo? The one with the heart melting little pagoda on it. It's $79.

(Here's the part where I play on your sympathies.) I think a little girl who has spent the first year of her life in a drab, colorless crib deserves this bedding don't you? I think my little china doll needs this bedding. Think of buying Secondsister jewelry as a donation to my nursery fund.

Cherry Blossom Necklace

I'll be listing this little trinket today. It's only $12. I think you need it.


Anonymous said...

The bedding is to die for!! Ugh why does everything require so much $$$. Who came up with the idea anyway, whatever happened to trading things??

Reny said...

Your blog is delightful! I hope you are able to get the pretty pink set for your little one.

Anonymous said...

Mawwwww..... that is super cute, of COURSE! Remember, though, that what will transform your little girl's life is your love, something very immaterial indeed!

baby sister said...

That bedding would look really great in the cherrywood sleigh bed sitting in your nursey. You must buy it. (from the evil one & shopper extrordinare!)