Thursday, September 04, 2008

letter of discontent

Because when it comes to confrontation I am a gutless wonder, I post this letter here. More letters to follow.

Dear Miguel-

I feel I need to have a word with you concerning your work, or lack thereof, in the yard. Please understand that when you don't show up to mow the lawn, it doesn't go unnoticed. In fact, it bothers me immensely. It makes me feel, disorganized and mangy every time I go outside.
You may have noticed that I am a wee bit behind on my own yard work. I am aware of this. However, when the lawn is cut, it adds a certain orderliness to the garden which allows me to further procrastinate my chores of weeding and trimming and therefore leaves me more time for crafting and playing.
All I ask is that you show up once a week. Mow and edge. Have a drink from the fridge. Enjoy yourself. If I can do anything else to make your time at our house more pleasurable let me know. Please help me to help you, help me to feel organized.


Mrs. M

P.S. At this point you may be thinking back to the day when I arrived home from the beach with my swimsuit hiked up to keep it from touching my very sunburned bottom and I tumbled out the the car with bags and towel and boy in tow, and I stumbled over the garden hose loosing my sunglasses and scraping my knees and I crawled around at your feet for a while trying to get my bearing. You may be thinking of this day and saying to yourself, "I don't have to take this woman seriously." Just remember who writes out your pay check. Well- actually my husband does, but I could protest at any time if I wanted to.

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