Saturday, September 20, 2008

hero work

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I got a call in the middle of the afternoon last week. It went like this:


"Hi, this is John from San Diego Search and Rescue calling."

Oh good grief, what now?

"Hi, has something happened?"

"Oh no, is Ben around?"

"Uh, no he's at work."

I think he's at work, could be anywhere really.

"Oh well, I'm calling to set up an interview and I was wondering if he could come tonight at 8:30."

"An interview?"

"Yeahhhh. He applied."


What in the SAM HELL is he up to? He already has a job. A good one.

"I guess he didn't mention this."

"Well, no, but I'm fairly sure you've got the right number. This sounds like him."

Nature boy.

Chuckle. Chuckle."I have a cell number, should I call that?"

Hummm. Should I play gate keeper and mess with Ben a little?

"Yep, he should answer his cell."

"Okey Dokey."

I guess that is how the mountain people talk- "Okey dokey mam, everything is going to be just fine once we wrench your body from this rock crevice and life flight you outta here."

I actually really love when things like this happen. It gives me what I like to call "emergency conversation starters", ECS for short. I bide my time and when something comes up, say, an errant charge to Anthropolgie on the American Express, I can quickly divert the situation by dropping a ECS and I'm golden.

On Friday John called back to tell Sugar Daddy he was in. They had one slot to fill for the entire county and they choose him. He is now a volunteer Search and Rescue guy. He has to get ready for helicopter training on the weekends. Yeah, Ben thinks he's pretty cool now. And actually, other than the worries I have of him tumbling off a cliff, or out of a helicopter, I thinks he's pretty cool too. And sexy. I will have to share my hero with other people now, but I learned to share in kindergarten so I don't mind.

I'm thinking that design Sunday might go away since I will be featuring a shop every Friday. What do you think?


Cate said...

I just have to say that I love your jewelry, but I love the photography too! So creative. :)

Anonymous said...

What is this?? Did his distant aquaintance with John Stabile rub off on this lawyerness of a man? He'll do great, next step Urban Search and Rescue!