Monday, September 08, 2008

just monday

Because on Mondays, I really need a good laugh:

You gotta love his enthusiasm. And now to another little matter. . .

Dear Miguel-

After this weekend, I feel that I owe you some sort of apology. It is true that in the past my patience for you has been somewhat lacking. I am prone to making rash judgements and jumping to conclusions. For this I am sorry. It is something I grapple with continually.

I first realized my err when I found out that you weren't able to mow for a week or so because your mower was broken. I hope the repair bill didn't cost too much. I was further shamed when you complimented my work with the succulents I was planting in the pilaster pots. I was a little startled when you appeared behind me and said , "Es muy bueno, Aprrrillll. Muy bueno." I turned to see you standing there in your Home Depot cap and secondhand glasses with a wide white smile on your brown face. I didn't know you wore glasses.

I hope I wasn't over bearing with my questions about how your family is doing. I felt awkward facing you after my unjustified judgements. You further solidified my new opinion of you when you replied that your son is "crecimiento mismo de la grasa y muy lindo". In my book, any man who brags how cute his kids are, must be principled and decent.

In the future, I will cut you more slack when you miss a week. I will inquire more about your personal life. I can see that it makes you happy to talk about your wife and son. In short, I will try to reserve my judgments to corrupt politicians and people at the DMV.


Mrs. M

P.S. Please don't mention to any one that you saw me drinking a Red Bull and eating a Reese's peanut butter cup while I was planting. Nobody really needs to know.

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just one more thing said...

Hilarious! I needed that. It's nice to know some people are happy just doing their thing. Ya gotta love that. TjF