Wednesday, December 30, 2009

calling crocheters!

Rosie is a headband wearing type of gal. For Christmas I crocheted her a big blue flower. She had been borrowing mine that I bought from Emily Sparks.

I was able to duplicate it pretty well without a pattern.

Rosie went to an orphanage in Mexico on Christmas day. She distributed presents to the kids. She served them Christmas dinner. They played soccer.

Rosie wore her new headband.

The teenage girls at the orphanage loved it. They all wanted one but Rosie couldn't give it to just one girl. She wished she had more.

This gave her an idea.

She will be going back to the orphanage in Mexico and she wants to take a headband for each girl.

Do you crochet?

Will you help us make headbands?

Here's a closer look at it.

Okay girls.

I am not a pro by any means. I've never written a pattern before, but here it goes.

Chain seven and connect to make a circle.
Double crochet thirteen through the center of the circle.
Double crochet a second row on top of the first, doubling up to make twenty-six stitches.
Chain five, single crochet into every third stitch. Repeat until you go all the way around the circle.
Double crochet seven into each arch to create the petals. Single crochet between each petal.
Tie off.
Chain a length of sixteen inches.
Connect to back of flower every two chain stitches. Continue across the back of the flower. Chain ten inches on the other side of the flower.
Turn and single crochet eight inches up the first chain.
Chain two inches and connect to back of the flower in the same way as the center chain. Chain ten inches on the opposite side before connecting to the first chain and single crocheting to the end.
Turn and repeat the last steps to create the third and last chain.
Tie off.

I know this pattern totally sucks. But believe me, if I can figure out how to make one of these, any seasoned crocheter should be able to whip one out in no time.

Here's a much better pattern! Thanks Jen Renee!

Tis' the season for fiber arts! Come on girls! It doesn't require much yarn! Get those needles flying!

If you are willing to make and ship me a headband, please leave a comment with your contact info and I will tell you where to ship.

Also, if you can send me a better pattern to post to replace my gibberish, I'd be much obliged.

Oh, and while you're at it, make one for yourself. I've been lapping up the compliments every time I wear mine!


ChelMo said...

Could we knitters attempt something similar with our craft? Or would you be willing to do a quick lesson? I'd love to help out, if at all possible. I'd bet we could get a whole group to learn how to do it, and if each of us made one or two...!

Where in Mexico is the orphanage located? We used to do service projects for one down in San Quintin, Baja CA. Special place in my heart.

april said...

Dearest Knitters-
I love you. I revere you. If you can stitch something up similar I would be forever grateful.

The orphanage is in Tijuana. Not sure of the name.

heyjenrenee said...

this is awesome! if you're on Ravelry, there is a crochet pattern that looks similar here:

I'm also a knitter (although I can sort of crochet) and if I can figure out how to make these, I would be happy to make one or two!

Tina said...

What an amazing project! I would be happy to make some headbands for you!

Amber Ulmer said...

hi there! this is so wonderful! i just learned to crochet and my 2 sisters in law have learned as well. When do you need the headbands by? All 3 of us might do one if we can get them done in time!
amber ulmer

Johanna said...

oh I wish I could crochet- it's so cute! good luck with your challenge, it's such a nice idea to do.

Mari said...

This is the first time I've seen your blog and am in love- I love the headband and I've been crocheting for about two years now (like intense crocheting) but never learned by book and have never followed a pattern before. This is an amazing idea and I will for sure try my hardest to get my pattern illiterate ass turn into a pattern following expert to make as many of these as I can so we can spread the love in mexico...why?

1-my parents are mexican immigrants and I know how things can get really hard there
2-my grandmother lives in Tijuana and I've spent every 2 weeks summer there since I as like 4
3-using my hobby to make some one else's day brighter makes my hobby 100% better
4- that headband is insane how cute it is and I can make one for myself too!

I am 100% in...when do you need them by?

oh by the way...hi I'm mari- nice to meat you =)

Jill said...

I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to know how to make these! I think you should make a trip out and teach me. (wink, wink)

Love ya lots!

Gina said...

I hope you post this on ravelry. I'm sure you'll get replies from crochet experts. I only knit, so I can't help you with this one. Sorry!

stumptious... said...
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april said...

The creator of the headband pattern that I linked to in this post is from Rome, Italy. She is happy to share her pattern with us! If you publish her pattern anywhere, please make sure to give her credit!


Mary said...

What a cute headband! I'd like to try my hand at making one for the orphanage. Please let me know where to send it.

GlitterKnitter said...

I'd love to make some! any yarn/fiber recommendations? i'm on ravelry

so you can contact me there and see what i am capable of.. :-)

Elizabeth said...

I'm a knitter and would love to do one, but I need a pattern. Keep me posted!

Akua Lezli Hope said...

Wow! Sweet and easier than my usual charity crocheting. A great way to start the year. Count me in--- especially as a crochet flower lover,
creator, seller, this is a must-do for me!

Heather C Taylor said...

My mom and I are going to try and make some! She is going to teach me and Im sure Courtney would rock that headband so I can make her one too! (If and when I figure it out how to crochet that is!)

jessecreations said...

I'm happy to do it!


Rav ID: jessecreations

Erika said...

I've been following your blog for a while--not quite sure how I came upon it, but I love it. You are talented in so many ways and have such a way with words! I love your honesty and how frank you are about things. Me and my daughter would love to try to make some headbands. What a great thing you have going and we'd love to be a part of it!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm not even sure how I came across this post (Twitter, maybe?) but I'd love to help. I've already made one headband. Let me know where to send them and how much time I have.

Thanks, Casie

Cindy said...

Beautiful! I will get my needle out and give it a go. Great excuse to do some needlework and catch up on Tivoed Oprah.
I am very curious to know if your Rosie went with a particular group to Mexico. My daughter, Rose, has gone with a group to a Mexican orphanage, too (though the name of the group escapes me).
And my Rose would love the headband, too.

Cindy said...

I haven't heard yet where to send the headband. Did I miss something in a post elsewhere?

Akua Lezli Hope said...

I'm adding this to my Ravelympics project list. Please let us know where
to send them

MandaLynn said...

I am happy to help. I know i few other flower patterns if that is ok, or do you want them all the same? My inlaws live in TJ. I am AmandaLynn on Ravelry

Disneypal said...

Do you still need some? If so when do you need them by?

You can contact me at