Saturday, December 19, 2009

christmas cones

Here's a festive and cheap idea for last minute Christmas gifts. I'm making them for my neighbors and friends.

Christmas Cones!

Supplies needed:
craft paper (or if you are really on a budget newspaper or old book pages)
pom poms
ribbon ( I used my sewing machine to ruffle crape streamers)
embellishments you like
glue gun

Scroll your craft paper into a cone. You can play around with different sizes. Hot glue the edges down. Using decorative scissors, cut around the top edge. Hot glue a pom pom onto the bottom. Use the ribbon to decorate the cone however you like. Punch holes in either side of the cone about a half inch from the top. Thread ribbon through the holes and knot it on the inside. Hot glue a strip of tissue paper to the inside edge of the cone. Make sure you leave enough paper on top to tie with a ribbon.

Fill your cone with goodies. I bought pistachios and chocolate covered cherries for mine.

There you have it. A seriously cute and cheap gift to give that special someone. Or that someone who you really don't like but feel obligated to give them a gift.

You know who I'm talking about.

Tis the season it be generous to everyone. Even Debbie, up the street.


Cindy said...

heh heh.

margie said...

these turned out adorable...
wish i was there making them with you..
kiss kiss

Maren said...

April I love these...have you ever seen them made of fabric? I've been wanting to make fabric ones but never thought about paper. great idea!

Kerri said...

Hi! I just found you from the etsy forums! I lov eyour blog and absolutely love your Christmas cones that you made! What a great idea!

Merry Christmas!
Kerri (shabbychic72)

Kristi Kroeger said...

Did you need my address to send some this way because quite honestly, those cherries look divine!