Thursday, December 17, 2009


Yesterday was Sugar Daddy's birthday. He said he wanted to take his kids to Disneyland. The guy doesn't even like Disneyland. How's that for being a sweet guy?

We decided to get a hotel so that we could be at the park when it opened in the morning. When we got to our room at the Hyatt it smelled like gym socks.

And there were no windows that opened.

So I made Sugar Daddy ask for another room, which he did, not because he wanted to, but because he's a sweet guy.

I stood by the elevators with the kids and waited. When he came back, Sugar Daddy smiled at me and said, "I guess it pays to complain. They put us in the brand new family suite."

I said, "Sweet! A Suite!"

Thomas had a room all his own with bunk beds and a flat screen T.V.. He thought it was pretty dope. (That's gangster slang for really neat.)

Birdie christened the new carpet with a big barf and we settled in for the night.

It was seventy-five degrees and the lines weren't too long. We went on every ride we wanted to. We had super sweet and delicious pineapple sundays at the Tiki Room.

Thomas got cotton candy and french fries and I got a charming pink and white lollipop to go with my Christmas decorations.

Yeah, all in all it was a pretty sweet day.

And then Birdie screamed her head off all the way home.
Happy Birthday Daddy.

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Julie said...

Happy Birthday, Ben!! OX.