Sunday, December 06, 2009

the headache

Today I awoke with a headache which I really hope isn't fixin' to become the full fledged flu.

We didn't get our flu shots. I'm not totally sold on the whole flu shot idea anyway.

We don't get sick too often around here and I'm convinced it is because I'm not as clean as I used to be. Kids and dogs have had a way of bringing my cleanliness level down a few notches. Hopefully, we have all built up healthy immune systems from being exposed to small amounts of germs here and there.

Jenny was over helping me bake Christmas cookies last Thursday. Birdie was crawling around the kitchen floor fussing a little and so I took a handful of puffs and scattered them on the tile for her to find and eat. Jenny was dumbfounded.

After a little while she said, "Man you've come a long way since Thomas was little."

I took that as a compliment.


Elizabeth said...

Good Lord, she's so cute. Beautiful, really. Stunning! And I'm sorry to hear that you might be coming down with a flu. We're not flu vaccine people around here, either, and none of my children have ever been on an antibiotic! I recommend that right when you start having that "am I getting sick" feeling, Yin Chao (Chinese remedy available at Whole Foods). Also, all of us take 1000mg Vitamin D3, 1000mg Vitamin C, and colostrum to help beef up our immune systems.

Cindy said...

Yes, that is a compliment!
I am a big believer in building immune systems. And not so fond of the flu shot. I got my first ever flu shot this year (I'm 44)and had a week of not feeling well. Not full blown flu, but enough to really slow me down. Maybe a coincidence, but a bummer none the less.

hope you get better.
birdie is beautiful. Lovely photo.

Chris and Amy Jackson said...

We don't "do" flu shots either, I tell people it is a government conspiracy ;) None of us have ever had the flu.

Tree said...

It's good to see that I'm not the only non-flu-shot-getter... my 9 kids are also non-flu-shot-getters ... in the last 4 years one stayed home cuz his stomach hurt, and another missed 1 day cuz of a sore throat..
There's gotta be something said for that....
with #9 in the NICU, they tried to convince me that we should all get the FLU & H1N1, but their arguments weren't convincing enough.
anyway...'s amazing to me w/ each new kid how the germ "second" rule has increased fact I'm not sure we even have a "10/30/60 second" rule anymore.. Now I just say if you drop something on the floor in a walmart or the hospital...there's a "NO second" rule...