Tuesday, December 29, 2009

what's mine is yours

There is always that one Christmas gift that just doesn't quite make it under the tree.

Usually I find it stuffed in the back of my closet, forgotten. Or- I spend most of Christmas day wondering where in the world I hid it so well.

I'm a little crazy that way.

But this year, it wasn't my fault. Birdie's kokeshi doll didn't make it to us in time.

After all, she was coming all the way from Japan.

I decided to start a tradition of buying Amelie a kokeshi every Christmas. Now, I'm not so disillusioned as to think that I'm really doing this for my daughter. I know I am doing it because I personally can't resist them.

Who can?
So sue me.

Some women live their entire life through their kids. Can't I have just this one thing?

I'm thinking "our" little dolly will come today.

I promise to let Birdie hold her for at least a minute before I put her up high, safe and sound.

In my bedroom.


From the Kitchen said...

Ahem, I'm not so blind that I didn't see your last sentence!!!!! :) Enjoy! Make no excuses. We mother's need occasional rewards of that sort. Besides, the dolls are probably not safe for children under, um, 30ish

Merissa Cherie said...

Hi April! So you've caught the Kokeshi bug too!
Cute post :)

Elizabeth said...

So funny. I've decided to "collect" something very similar for my daughter (who is fourteen and disabled, no less!). I feel relief that I'm not the only one. What I'm looking for, now, is a good way to display the "collection" that I've begun (currently two dolls). Any ideas from your creative Highness?

Johanna said...

these are so cute! never seen them before, where do you get them or order them? and I have the perfect excuse to start collecting. I'll get them for the daughter that I might have someday ;o)

Akua Lezli Hope said...

I saw that you're on Ravelry and do you know that there's a Kokeshi doll
exchange getting started? I'm working on mine in crochet. The theme is Sakura. Love your dolls-- lots of ideas for me.

Crochetheaven said...

Please share where you buy these from. Would love to start buying them for my soon to be 6 year old granddaughter. My daughter used to get the Russian dolls (the kind that store inside each other) from my parents. TIA

Laura Bray said...

90% of my daughter's toys are secret obsessions of mine! I just convince her that SHE is the one who wants them! No shame in that-I look at it as teaching her to enjoy the finer things in life. LOL!