Monday, November 15, 2010

the post about nothing

I've been so very very under the weather these past few days.  Head throbbing, throat burning, joints aching kind of snotty weasy sick.  And it is ever so inconvenient.

There are things that must get done. Like, for instance, the babies must be feed.  And the trash must be taken out.

Now, I am lucky in that Sugar Daddy is a master at carrying on our daily activities.  Sometimes I wonder if I need be around at all.  The babies get fed. The trash is taken out. The washing machine is even put to use.  

I know. Don't hate me. I lucked out in the spouse department. 

Sugar Daddy is a veritable hero when I'm down. He makes sure I have everything I need or want.  

This is why I was taken back when he declined to do a guest post for me.  Can't he see the state I'm in?  Doesn't he know how fuzzy and muddled my thoughts are? Surely he can see how each and every joint in my fingers causes me pain with each key stroke? Oh the agony!

But he said no. Nicely, but he still said no.

To be precise, he said, "I couldn't do your blog justice."


So I became very indignant and decided there would be no post. No Monday post.  Shameful.

And that's why there's no post today. Or rather I should say, that's why this post is about nothing. My head is too muddled and my fingers are too sore and my Sugar Daddy has his limits.



Mindy Gledhill said...

April, my love. Please do get better. xoxo.

Jerusalem said...

Poor darlin! Rest up, sip broth and tea and we will be here when you are better.

laurie said...

Do feel better soon, it's so hard to be sick with little ones, and even though your post was about nothing, it's still always a joy to read...

Stef said...

I agree with Laurie...your "post about nothing" still gave me that great Monday morning smile. Hope you feel better soon. It is SO hard to be sick with little ones. You really do have a great hubby!

Casey said...

Amazing hubbies are treasures. Sounds like you have a keeper :) Makes me appreciate my husband as well when others lift theirs up in public too. Feel better soon!

Elizabeth said...

Feel better soon!

Sharon said...

April, you can make me giggle even when you are sick...well that and the fact that MINDY GLEDHILL comments on your post!!!!

Hope you get better soon.

Jen said...

even a sugar daddy must have his limits - and he's right he couldn't do your blog justice! Get better!!!

From the Kitchen said...

Take care--make the recuperation long enough to be well enough to enjoy!

Bonnie said...

Well Sugar Daddy does look like Clark Kent, so perhaps he is Superman :) I too have the junk that you are speaking of and can commiserate with you. Feel better quickly!!