Friday, November 05, 2010


image by nodoca

I think this weekend I will walk around and take some photos, of my life, as it is today.

I will photograph the dishes in the sink and the stack of catalogues that is over taking our kitchen desk. I want to capture the rolls of fat on the inside of Frankie's legs and the beauty of Amelie's lips when she is concentrating.

To be true to history, I will have to take a photo of the cheerios smashed into the carpet of my car and I will need to find a booger, smeared onto my sofa to document. That shouldn't be hard. I will snap a shot of my chipped toe nails. I will capture the Everest of laundry.

I want to bookmark my life, so sometime down the road I can revisit today with a better perspective and level head and see it for what it really is instead of everything it's not.


Elizabeth said...

I was thinking the same thing as I lay out six slices of bread and slathered each with peanut butter then jelly then sliced them and it goes on and on...

Bekah: said...

"see it for everything it really is instead of everything it's not"

insightful, beautiful, true. I too need this reminder as well.

My pictures would be worse than yours. The living room full of junk to take to goodwill. My closet half sorted, and a pile high of laundry on my bed. A makeup mess from the one year old. Bathrooms needing scrubbin. A fridge waiting to be cleaned out. Boxes waiting to be filled... you get the idea.

Thank goodness my Mom comes from out of town today wearing her cape to rescue me from my chaos. Moving with a husband who cannot get off work, and three little girls (6, 2, 1) is hard work! I truly needed this reminder today. Thank you!

From the Kitchen said...

My photographs would show my perfect home with everything in place. I shall also take some of my perfect closets with clothes lined up according to style and color. Oh, and I shall also include my refrigerator--especially the crisper drawers with no rotting vegetables on the bottom. Alas, I cannot photograph my "Everest" of laundry since it is all done, iron, folded, hung and put away. I can snap a photo of the box of bon bons and the tufted chaise upon which I repose while eating them. Please continuously click on my blog for said photos.


Cindy at LottieBird said...

Okay. I need that mantra for today. Boy, do I...