Friday, November 19, 2010

talk a lot, peck a little more

Amy's first egg

Both my sisters have chickens.  I'm generally not a very jealous person but those chickens really bring it out in me.  I would love to have chickens but I live in a neighborhood with a homeowner's association and some real persnickety people that would tattle on me for sure if I had chickens pecking around in my backyard. That, and I really don't want the responsibility of feeding one more living thing.

But someday. Someday I will have a cute little troop, or I should say, brood of  hens to lay me brown eggs for breakfast. I will have a darling hen house painted robin egg blue. And I will go out each morning with a basket to collect the eggs.

My older sister, Heidi, has yet to get an egg out of her chickens.  Her first four chickens were sent back to the farm from wence they came to become Sunday dinner because they didn't lay. Her second batch have yet to prove themselves. Pray for them my friends. Their names are Henrietta and Penny.

Last spring my little sister Amy got four Rhode Island Red laying hens. She named them Mae, Murdle, Marge and Helen.  This left me the only sister without chickens. Chickenless. And green with envy.

Yesterday she got her first egg. That's it up there in the photo. She's very proud of it.

And this is her daughter Charley. Charley loves the chickens and helps care for them. I think Amy's pretty proud of her too.

photo by chelsea

If I can't have chickens, then by damn, I'm gonna taunt my sisters with thoughts of what might happen to theirs should they be less than vigilant.

Childish? I guess there are some things you never grow out of.

"The Opportunist" by Secondsister


Elizabeth said...

I hope you get your chickens some day. And that final image creation of yours is fantastic --

Chelsea said...

Hi! :) I'm Chelsea.. Amy's neighbor! That egg was pretty exciting news around here!! She needs to print that picture of the egg you designed. Love it & love your blog! :)

ps I relate to your last post most every day!

rachel! said...

her daughter is PRECIOUS. i really want chickens when i grow up. hopefully, i live in a neighborhood that is thoughtful towards chickens!

Bonnie said...

We had bantam chickens when I was a teenager, but they never laid eggs. Instead we would put them on a surfboard and surf them across the pool. Eventually they started joining us when we swam. Chickens are cool, I hope you get your wish one day!

the runaway romantique said...

So adorable! I've had chickens before when I was younger, one got sick and the other lived a nice long life :) You have such a lovely blog, and your jewelry website is gorgeous as well! Just wanted to say hi!

- the runaway