Thursday, November 25, 2010

turkey with the rooster

This is how it works:

Every other year my family gets together for Thanksgiving.  We rotate hosting between the siblings. So six years ago we went to Oregon to Heidi's house. Two years later, I hosted at my house. In 2008 we all went to Hawaii because that 's what Amy wanted to do on her year and please, Hawaii? We say yes to that.

This year is The Rooster's year.

The Rooster is a bachelor. Not a Nate Burkus variety bachelor. He's a bachelor, bachelor.  He made food assignments on Tuesday night.  He bought disposable plates.

Two weeks ago my mother called him up to urge him to start planning.  She asked coyly if he had thought about where he might want to set up tables.  He told her he thought we'd have Thanksgiving dinner in his garage.

This information was meet with silence. Finally my brother said, "You think I'm going to make Thanksgiving shitty aren't you?"

My mom replied, "Well... yes."

The reality is that for us girls, a large part of Thanksgiving is in the table setting and the perfect ruffled pie crust.  We spend hours making place cards and centerpieces.  It's tradition that has been passed down for generations of Campbell women.

But I'm going to admit something here.  And this is a big gesture on my part. The Rooster's Thanksgiving has been a nice change of pace.

If you strip away all the ornamentation and fancy food, you are left with one thing. Family.

And like most people, that's what I'm most thankful for this Thanksgiving.

And every day of my life.


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving April! I love this post. You know I'm not even cooking turkey for Thanksgiving. We are grilling salmon. Too many years spent in the kitchen all day, no time for enjoying family and friends. Enjoy your dinner in the garage, love it!

Krista Nash said...

Your brother's question to your mom totally made me laugh out loud. Hope it's a good day for you all.

Chelsea said...

fun to meet you today! :) too bad you don't live closer... me & Amy sure have a lot of fun, and the more the merrier you know!

Relyn said...

Awwww... Way to go, Rooster. And way to go, Sis for admitting it. Really, happy, happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

fancyscrapper said...

Since it's not really in my vocabulary, the "shitty" word made me laugh out loud. I don't have a "rooster" in my family. Thank you for sharing yours!